Arizona offers a permanent Hunters Education bonus point to hunters who have completed the requirements to obtain it. By completing the requirements, detailed below, the hunter gets an additional point added to each entry in the draw, for any species or draw they apply for. If successful in a draw, the hunter will have 1 point already after point clearing.

There are two methods to obtain the Arizona Hunters Education Bonus Point.

  • Take a Hunters Education Course sanctioned by Arizona, including the onsite field day for the course. While the coursework can usually be performed online, out of state hunters must travel to the state to perform the field day.
  • Take the new Ethically Hunting Arizona online course and complete the tests successfully. This course allows the hunter to gain the permanent bonus point. However, it is not a hunters education course, so the hunter must already possess a valid hunters education to be eligible to hunt. This course costs $300 for nonresidents.

Only one permanent hunters ed bonus point can be acquired, even if both methods have been completed.