In archery, the term “FOC” stands for “Front of Center.” It refers to the balance point of an arrow in relation to its overall length. FOC is an important concept in archery because it affects the arrow’s flight characteristics, accuracy, and penetration. A higher FOC percentage means that more weight is concentrated towards the front of the arrow, closer to the arrowhead.

The FOC measurement is determined by calculating the percentage of the arrow’s total weight that is located in front of its center point.

The FOC value is influenced by various factors including the weight of the broadhead or point, front components (inserts, collars, etc), the length and weight of the arrow, and rear components (nocks, vanes, wraps). Archers often adjust the FOC to suit their shooting style and the type of archery they engage in, such as target shooting, hunting, or 3D archery. Finding the right FOC for individual preferences and bow setups can enhance accuracy and the arrow’s penetration through efficient energy transfer upon impact.