Kansas Deer Hunting for Non-Residents: Understanding the Kansas Deer Draw

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Update: The 2023 Kansas deer draw is now closed for nonresidents. If you missed it you can start tracking draw deadlines for free with OnPoint – never miss an application! Available on Web, Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Kansas Nonresident Deer Draw

Are you interested in hunting deer in the state of Kansas, but unsure of the process and regulations for non-residents? In this article, we will go over the steps to obtain a non-resident deer hunting license in Kansas, as well as information on preference points, draw dates, and costs.

How do I get a non-resident deer license in Kansas?

To obtain a non-resident deer hunting license in Kansas, you must apply through the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) online licensing system. Non-residents are required to apply for a “Non-Resident Either-Species/Either-Sex Deer Permit” and pay a non-refundable application fee.

Can a non resident buy a deer tag over the counter in Kansas?

No, non-residents are not able to purchase deer tags over the counter in Kansas. All non-residents must enter into the draw to obtain a deer permit.

When is the 2023 Kansas non-resident deer draw?

The Kansas non-resident deer draw typically opens in early April and closes in late April. Results are usually announced in the early June after the resident application period closes. The following table lists important dates for the 2023 non-resident deer application period. Click here to start tracking your apps for free.

Online Application OpensApril 1, 2023
Deadline to ApplyApril 28, 2023
Draw Results ExpectedEarly June

How does the Kansas non-resident deer draw work?

The Kansas non-resident deer draw is a lottery system used to allocate deer permits to non-residents. The draw is based on a preference point system and gives weighted preference to applicants who have been unsuccessful in recent years. When applying for the draw, non-residents can choose to apply for the draw or purchase preference points.

Both non-resident and resident hunters alike can hunt either whitetail or mule deer in Kansas. For non-residents, draw applications and preference points are specific to applying for a whitetail deer permit. If non-residents wish to hunt mule deer, they must apply for a Mule Deer Stamp during the April application period. If drawn for either an archery or muzzleloader whitetail deer permit in certain units and applied for the Mule Deer Stamp, non-residents will be entered into a draw for a limited number of Mule Deer Stamps. However, preference points will not apply for this Mule Deer Stamp draw. If not drawn for the mule deer stamp, non-residents will still receive a whitetail deer permit for that successful draw unit.

How do deer preference points work for non-residents?

Preference points are awarded for an unsuccessful draw application, or can be purchased directly for future lottery drawings. A preference point increases an applicant’s chance of being drawn in future years.

Purchasing a point costs $26.50, but requires an active hunting license. Preference points accrue over time, unless not making an application or purchasing a point within five consecutive years, in which case all preference points will be reset to zero.

What does a non-resident need to hunt in Kansas and what does it cost?

In addition to the Non-Resident Whitetail or Either-Species/Either-Sex Deer Permit, non-residents must also purchase a hunting license and a Kansas Habitat Stamp.

How much is a non-resident deer tag in Kansas?

For the 2023 hunting season, a non-resident deer permit cost $442.50, while the hunting license cost $97.50. A Kansas Habitat Stamp can be purchased for an additional $12.50.

Required Licenses and Tags:

Non-Resident Whitetail or Either-Species/Either-Sex Deer Permit$442.50
Non-Resident Hunting License$97.50
Kansas Habitat Stamp$12.50

Make sure to mark your calendars for the important draw dates and track them in the OnPoint app, and good luck in the hunt! For more information you can learn about the Kansas resident draw.

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