Nevada Introduces New Moose Hunting Season for Fall 2024

Published On: February 13th, 2024
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Carson City, Nevada – In a groundbreaking development, the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners has officially approved the state’s first moose hunting season, set to begin in the fall of 2024. This decision comes after extensive research and data collection efforts by the Nevada Department of Wildlife.

The Department’s efforts, spanning several years, have included rigorous monitoring, information gathering, and detailed analysis of the moose population within the state. Working closely with area biologists and wildlife experts from neighboring states, the Department has developed a comprehensive understanding of the factors affecting moose movements and demographics in Nevada.

A key factor in this decision is the impressive survival rate of adult moose, currently standing at 98% +/- 4%. Additionally, calf recruitment rates have been encouraging, ranging from 55 to 73 calves per 100 cows annually. These statistics indicate a strong potential for population growth, a notion supported by a nearly 300% increase in moose observations in 2023.

Contrary to common perceptions, Nevada has proven to be a suitable habitat for moose. A habitat selection analysis revealed that the moose population has adapted to the state’s riparian vegetation, timber, and mountain brush communities, meeting their life-history demands effectively.

The upcoming Nevada moose hunting season is not just an exciting opportunity for local hunters; it is also a vital tool for wildlife management. The regulated and sustainable hunting approach will offer a select few Nevadans a once-in-a-lifetime chance to pursue Nevada’s newest big game species. Moreover, it will enable the Department to gather crucial data on the age structure and health of the moose population, ensuring their continued conservation and management.

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