North Dakota Spring Turkey Application

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The North Dakota Spring Turkey application is the main method to secure turkey tags in the state and is open to residents only. Below we’ll cover how the application works, including the available turkey zones, season dates, and other important information.

When is the North Dakota Spring Turkey Application?

The North Dakota Spring Turkey Application deadline typically falls in mid-February. The deadline for this years draw is February 14th, 2024. To receive reminders for this application or others, add it to your OnPoint Account via the web, Apple, or Android app.

North Dakota Turkey Zones

Available turkey zones in North Dakota are below. All zones except unit 21 are open to hunting for the 2024 season.


North Dakota Turkey Season Dates

For the 2024 year, the season opens April 13th and closes May 19th.

How the draw works

The Spring Turkey Application is managed by the North Dakota Department of Game and Fish. It is open to residents only.

North Dakota uses a weighted bonus points system to allocate tags. Applicants who do not successfully draw their first choice unit will be awarded a spring turkey bonus point for the following year. The spring and fall turkey applications have separate points for each draw.

There are 8130 licenses available for the 2024 season, which you can view here. Draw odds for prior years are available here.

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