Potential New Mexico state record elk taken by archery hunter

Published On: October 1st, 2023
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Potential New Mexico State Record Elk

In the wilderness of New Mexico, bowhunter Ridge Crum embarked on a two-year quest for an elusive and massive bull elk. That quested successfully ended September 21st, potentially landing Crum at the top of the New Mexico state record elk list.

Crum’s History with the Bull Elk:

Crum’s history with the giant bull began in 2021, when he came within 40 yards of the majestic creature but couldn’t get a clear shot. The following year, the elusive bull remained hidden, much like many other hunters’ luck. However, this season was different. Trail camera photos indicated that the bull had returned to Crum’s family cattle ranch near the Cibola National Forest.

The Encounter:

On the fateful day of September 21st, the stage was set for Crum’s unforgettable encounter. Sitting patiently in a ground blind, he heard the distinct bugle of the bull from over 100 yards away. A moment of suspense followed, and then he spotted a cow, the leader of a group of about 12 elk. And there he was, the prize bull that had haunted Crum’s dreams.

Crum drew his bow, waiting for the bull to present the ideal shot opportunity. At 41 yards, he released the arrow. The shot was solid, and the bull sprinted away before bedding down about 80 yards from the blind. The surrounding cows remained undisturbed.

Crum’s emotions ran high as he waited for the moment of triumph. With friends and family by his side, they approached the magnificent bull.

Loading the massive 800-pound bull into their truck was no easy feat. It took all four men to accomplish the task. Back at the ranch, they meticulously handled the trophy, preparing it for a potential spot in the record books.

Crum estimates the bull’s rack at an astonishing 436 1/8 inches, a score that could potentially secure its place as the New Mexico state record elk. However, this is an unofficial green score that will be confirmed after a mandatory 60-day drying period.

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