Wyoming Super Tag Lottery 2024

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The Wyoming Super Tag lottery presents an unbelievable opportunity for hunters while supporting wildlife management efforts in Wyoming. In this article we’ll cover how the lottery works and how you can enter for a chance at these amazing hunts.

When is the Wyoming Super Hunt Lottery deadline?

The deadline for purchasing Super Tag tickets is January 31st each year. Winners of the raffle will be announced by February 15th, with tags valid for the following year. On the same date as winners are announced, entries re-open for tags issued following year.

For example, entries made on February 20th, 2024 will be eligible for drawing on January 15th, 2025, for tags valid the 2025 hunting season.

Click here to start tracking the super tag application and others for free, where dates will be updated as they are finalized by the states.

What is a Wyoming Super Tag?

A super tag is a license that allows the hunter to hunt a specific species in any open hunt area for that species, with a few restrictions. The tag holder can pursue extremely limited big game in high success units, or switch units and seasons as desired until filling the tag or all eligible seasons close. There are some restrictions on hunt areas for species with very low tag quotas.

What are the types of super tags I can enter for and how many are awarded?

Applicants can enter for one of two general types of super tag. The types are below.

Super Tag: The standard super tag, it offers the opportunity to hunt a single species. One tag is awarded per species, for a total of 10 Super Tags issued, and the applicant must enter for that specific species at the time of the application. The species available are detailed below.

Super Tag Trifecta: This option allows the winner to select three of the species offered from those available. Only one of these tags is issued across applicants, but it essentially gives the winner three unique Super Tags for the species of their choosing. Odds are slim, but this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

How does the Wyoming Super Tag Lottery work?

As the name implies, the lottery system allows multiple, and unlimited entries per applicant. Both residents and nonresidents are eligible to apply, and each are treated the same in the lottery.

Tickets can only be purchased through the Wyoming Game and Fish Department’s online Electronic License System, not through traditional license-selling agents.

At the time of application, you will need to choose which type of super tag you would like to apply for. If applying for the standard super tag, you will also need to choose the species you would like the entry to be for.

One winner is chosen for each species specific super tag (for a total of 10), and one super tag trifecta winner is chosen. In total, 11 applicants are selected for a total of 13 hunt opportunities.

What does it cost to enter the lottery?

Each Super Tag entry is $10, and a Super Tag Trifecta entry is $30. The total cost depends on how many entries you choose to make and for which type of tag.

What species are available in the Wyoming Super Tag lottery?

The raffle features a range of premier big game and trophy game species. You can read more about hunting opportunities and species in our Wyoming overview.

  1. Bighorn sheep
  2. Shiras moose
  3. Mountain goat
  4. Bison
  5. Rocky Mountain elk
  6. Mule deer or white-tailed deer
  7. Pronghorn
  8. Mountain lion
  9. Gray wolf
  10. Black bear

What are the odds in the Wyoming Super Tag Lottery?

Direct odds are not published for the super tag lottery, so it’s difficult to get at exact odds for a specific tag. However the state does publish general details that allow some odds to be determined.

In the sale for 2023 tags, the state sold 144,923 entries worth $1.87 million. This breaks down to approximately 21,000 Super Tag Trifecta entries and 124,000 standard Super Tag entries.

This results in the following odds by super tag type, for a single purchased ticket:

Super Tag Trifecta: 1 winner / 21,000 entries = 0.0048% per entry

Super Tag: 10 winners / 124,000 entries = 0.0081% per entry

To get your overall odds to 0.1% for a standard super tag, you would have to buy approximately 12 entries. There are likely large differences in the draw odds within species, so for desirable species it would likely take more.

Key Features of the Wyoming Super Tag

  1. Hunting Area Restrictions for Winners: Winners are permitted to hunt in any open area for their selected species, with specific restrictions for moose, bighorn sheep, and wild bison hunting in areas with limited licenses.
  2. Retention of Preference Points: Raffle winners will keep their preference points, an important aspect for those involved in regular hunting draws.
  3. Exemption from Once-in-a-Lifetime Requirement: Winners hunting for wild bison and mountain goats are exempted from the once-in-a-lifetime license requirement.
  4. Eligibility and Waiting Periods: The raffle is open to both residents and non-residents of Wyoming. Winners are exempt from mandatory waiting periods, allowing them to apply for the draw in the following year.

Rules and Requirements

  1. License and Stamp Requirements: Winners must purchase the relevant licenses and/or stamps before embarking on their hunt.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: All raffle winners must adhere to the specified dates, regulations, and laws for their selected hunt areas.
  3. License Purchase Deadline: While there is no set deadline for winners to purchase their licenses, they must do so for the designated hunting season, which, in this context, is the 2024 season.

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