The Idaho Super Hunt Lottery: A Chance at World-Class Hunting

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Idaho is renowned for its exceptional hunting opportunities, and the Idaho Super Hunts lottery offers a unique chance for hunters to pursue world-class big game in any open hunt in the state. In this article, we’ll explore the details of the Idaho Super Hunts lottery, including the entry process, deadlines, drawings, and frequently asked questions.

Overview – What is the Idaho Super Hunt Lottery?

The Idaho Super Hunt Lottery is an annual drawing that provides hunters with the opportunity to win premier hunting tags for big game species in Idaho. Open to both residents and non-residents, the lottery offers participants the chance to pursue world-class elk, deer, pronghorn, and moose in any legal hunt area in the state. With two drawings held each year, winners are selected for various species, and a Super Hunt Combo tag allows the lucky recipient to hunt all four species.

Requirements to enter the lottery

Hunters do not need a license to enter the drawing, but winners do need to purchase a hunting license if they are drawn in the lottery. For drawing winners Super Hunt tags provided at no charge. Both residents and nonresidents are able to enter the the lottery, and applications are made through the Idaho Fish and Game portal.

Cost to enter the Idaho Super Hunt lottery

Unlike a standard draw, there is no limit to the number of entries a hunter can make into the lottery. Applicants simply choose how many entries they would like to make and pay for each of the entries. The cost for a single species entry is $6, and each Combo tag entry is $20.

Lottery Dates and Tags Available

Idaho conducts two lottery draws per year. There are a different number of tag available in each drawing. Drawing dates and tags available are below.

First DrawEntries53,96350,97410,04522,40912,875
Tags Drawn88811
Success Rate0.015%0.016%0.080%0.004%0.008%
Second DrawEntries13,25616,9084,09611,8655,268
Tags Drawn22211
Success Rate0.015%0.012%0.049%0.008%0.019%

First Idaho Super Hunt Lottery

The first super hunt deadline is May 31st, 2023. Winners are notified in mid-June.

Second Idaho Super Hunt Lottery

The second super hunt deadline is August 10th, 2023. Winners are notified in mid-August.

What you win – Details of the Super hunt tags

Lottery winners gain the flexibility to hunt in any legal hunt area for the species they’ve been awarded. This includes the option to participate in controlled hunts or general season hunts, allowing for a diverse and customizable hunting experience. Below are some specifics around the tags.

  • Hunters who already posses general or controlled tags for the same species do not need to surrender their existing tags. Super hunt tags present an additional opportunity to harvest an animal.
  • Super Hunt tags do not count towards the lifetime limits for the respective species, providing winners with an additional opportunity to harvest an animal without affecting their long-term hunting prospects.
  • Hunters must adhere to the weapon restrictions and dates of the chosen hunt.
  • Super tags are not transferrable.
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